We want to be a specialty coffee community. A place to learn, share and delight in the magic of coffee. Why? Because we are obsessed with coffee. And we believe that so many people are drinking coffee for it’s effects only, without enjoying the true coffee experience. We want to bring fantastic coffee to as many people as possible and make it easy to brew a cup worthy of championships from the comfort of your home.

ColdHotDrinks is the first coffee website in Switzerland that wants to get to know YOU and your tastes. We want to be a platform where gourmet coffee lovers like you can find specialty products and order them without a hassle.

That is why we have designed our website with a short quiz in mind. So that we can recommend you the best coffee for your tastes and for your home brewing setup. And there’s more! Our customers can check the status of their orders through a personal dashboard where they can also rate the coffees they try and get tailored recommendations!

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The best specialty coffee roasters from all over Switzerland are joining up!

A community to support coffee

The best specialty coffee roasters from all over Switzerland are joining up to create a truly magical place, a website full of the best coffee money can buy. And best of all, our coffees are either sourced directly from the farmers or through cooperatives. In this way we ensure the rights of the coffee producers are protected and their communities are invested in.

It is our mission to create a community of coffee lovers. People who want to help give back to the people that make our morning brews possible. We have created a Facebook group where we share recipes, brewing tips and knowledge, and most importantly, coffee memes. The name is “Specialty Coffee Brewing Support Group”. Go join us and share your brews! You won’t regret it.
And if we convince some people to switch to coffee that isn’t mass-produced but helps the growers and their communities, well that would make us a bunch of happy beans!

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