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This year has been a mixture of stagnancy and rapid change. We obviously had the pandemic tornado going around in circles throughout the year and our coffee experiences shifted to another level of routine. People who work from home are the ones who mostly got to enjoy their daily habits of coffee, which helped them sustain the “normality”. Baristas and coffee shop owners were some of the first people to close the doors to their businesses as lockdowns began to spread around the world. Some went back and others barely reopened again. This caused coffee drinkers to incorporate some new home brewing methods into their coffee lifestyle.

The typical coffee lifestyle has a huge impact all over our being, starting from our physical body and to the way we manage our day. With people confined to working from home and with limited time outside the house, making coffee was one of few ways to take a break from work. It became a kind of self-reward. This is the time to shape our future health and give a direction to our life’s choices mentally and physically. Coffee is the obvious rhetoric in the room.

While we as a society are closed inside working, we can think about the future while taking a sip from our coffee cup and reflecting on our present moment in our cozy life indoors. Spending your day working in front of a screen, getting back to long-forgotten hobbies like boardgames or karaoke, calling your family, friend, or whatever that might have satisfied your need for something rewarding, energising. Something like coffee.

Home brewing trends of 2020

Dalgona Whipped Coffee

Unless you were quarantined in a cave, you know that there was one coffee trend that took the internet by storm. Dalgona coffee was the perfect coffee experience for 2020 as it gives you a cup that seems like it was made in a coffee shop. But making it does not requires special coffee shop tools. It’s pretty easy to make it at home so there’s no surprise about its popularity this year.

Dalgona coffee is a frothy beverage made by whipping instant coffee, water, and sugar together to make a creamy foam that’s spooned over milk. It’s fancy enough for your social media page, but simple enough to make at home. Just one of the few positives about the pandemic. So don’t expect this trend to go away anytime soon, especially when more people are relying on home brews than coffee shops (and still want something a little flashy in their cups).

Dalgona coffee brings your home brewing a new way to experience “going out”. Its preparation and usage create a special home brewing ambience where the mental experience gets you to the perception of being in a coffee shop. Having a hand mixer will be less tiring for your arm but a regular whisk is all you’ll need besides your basic coffee ingredients like sugar and water to make your manual brewing process easier and less tiring for your arm. Dalgona coffee has an immensely enjoyable coffee process and its yummy taste is the perfect home companion. Most of us who have experienced it know what we’re dealing with here. People who haven’t tried it yet, we recommend to not wait any longer. Especially those among you who like to set up a fancy food & beverage ambience in your interior home atmosphere!

Nitro Cold Brew

This creamy, velvety cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen to make it a delicious beverage for any time of the day. Many people drink coffee specifically for the wakefulness they receive from its caffeine, so understanding changes to the caffeine in nitro cold brew is a relatable desire, especially in its making process. In this specific coffee brew, the heat extracts a big amount of caffeine. As it takes flight, nitro coffee’s gas appears to have the consistency of a smooth beer and its bottom coffee layers spread all over the place forming a beautiful looking coffee texture in the glass. In our point of view, nitro cold brew coffee wouldn’t be so famous and stand out as a hot topic of the coffee world in 2020 if it wasn’t for this year’s strange circumstances.

Maybe it was our brains seeking to release some serotonin from because of long lockdown periods made us give a rebirth to the trend of the nitro cold brewing method. Waking up, doing our usual morning routine and continuing our day without barely going out for something needed made our kitchen pull us to its classic home grounding recipes; especially coffee recipes. That’s why nitro coffee’s lower acidity was a big help to making it easy to drink black, even for cream lovers. Expect to see nitro appear in your neighborhood’s coffee shop sometime soon after we get back to normal, if you haven’t already. Nitro cold brew’s preparation is also home-friendly because the filtered coffee only needs to pouring in a whipped cream dispenser. After you do that, you’ll have to close the lid and attach a N2O cartridge, shake it, and pull a cup of nitro coffee from your whipped cream dispenser. In the end, you can enjoy your nitro cold brew coffee, which tastes sweet and creamy without the need to add any sugar or cream in it. Just like Dalgona, Nitro coffee is a quite refreshing accompaniment to have next to you while at home. So, whenever you have the chance to make it, make sure to follow the simple steps explained above and stay away from complexity. Also, make sure to give a feedback if it’s your first time making it in the comments below. Relax and enjoy!

Ready-to-Drink Coffee

The “ready-to-drink” coffee trend started kicking off in the middle of 2020. Ready-to-drink cold brews are becoming more and more widespread in society. With people all across the world at home due to coronavirus and café closures, consumers are looking to their local stores to get their caffeine fix.

This coffee trend separates the people who want to enjoy the experience of home brewing from the people who just want a quick home coffee presence. The people who want to have their coffee set at home is mostly because of time and other personal things. Ready-to-drink coffee sets up the perfect standard to achieve all of our daily tasks or routines at home. Its usage can cost more in the terms of consistency but the different coffee types and taste varieties are totally worth it.


Around the first 3 to 5 months of COVID-19, many coffee lovers had to choose their favorite coffee machine and kettle to use. Probably most of the people can remember that the first 2 months everybody kind of had a hope that everything would get back to normality soon. After most of us started to coming to terms with this “normality” and getting used to this lifestyle, we had to mix up or upgrade some of our home coffee equipment.

One of the most used classic electric kettles was the Fellow Stagg EKG pour over kettle. Making pour over a much easier brewing method and being a staple in professional circles, this kettle was the most purchased one in 2020, especially since the pandemic struck. This unique coffee equipment is one of the best gifts that coffee lovers received in this year. Its invention was back in 2017 but its real value and purchasing turning point was this year. Just like this kettle’s spread out and many other reflections, projections and changes in the all around coffee world in 2020, we are looking to having a new year full of drastic changes in the coffee industry. And when we mean drastic changes, we don’t necessarily mean new coffee inventions. We also mean new coffee trends that already exist, just like the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle.

What we are looking forward to in 2021 is mainly the appreciation of every coffee surrounding, wherever that may be, and mostly the appreciation for how far we’ve come as a collective. 2021 will probably be the year that will show us how this whole situation will impact our coffee experience in the long term as a society, leaving the economical part aside. If you live in Switzerland and are interested in finding your perfect home company, we invite you to check out our diverse fruity roasters. We’re hoping to get back to normality as soon as possible and really reflect on the coffee changes entirely in the clarity of objectiveness.

Thank you for reading!

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