The Swiss Coffee Festival is an exciting way to celebrate your love of coffee. You’ll be able to learn about beans, brewing, and tasting as well as try specialty coffees from shops all over the country. At this event, there are awards given for the best coffees and coffee products. But not just only that, there’s much more to it…

Swiss Coffee Festival 2022 vibes

Let’s first start with our experience last weekend at this coffee festival, and then we can expand more about the whole festival spectrum later in the article! Before we start, here are some links you can click to visit for learning more about the ins and outs of this festival on their own website:

Our attendance at the Swiss Coffee Festival 2022 in Zurich

This year, the ColdHotDrinks team attended the Swiss Coffee Festival 2022 edition, and we can say that it was a very enjoyable and exciting experience indeed. We met so many brilliant people and learned so many new things. One of them was the World Latte Art Champion, Carmen Clemente. Here’s her cordially showing us one of her winning patterns at the Swiss Coffee Festival this last weekend:

Barista making coffee

Generally, the Swiss Coffee Festival never disappoints. Taking again place in Zürich but this time located in Halle 550 in Oerlikon. The layout was very well thought out. Coming into the hall we were introduced to the leading companies in the coffee industry with their various equipment, fancy coffee machines and grinders, and some innovative ideas for coffee brewing. Most importantly, right at the entrance, we were given a tasty cup of coffee by our friends at Kaffeepur.

Visiting the Swiss Coffee Festival

Further down, there was a cupping stand which we found to be a brilliant idea. Various delicious cups of coffee were lined up for anyone to try, thus introducing a lot of coffee lovers to the fun experience of cupping. Different this time was the Roasters village which was situated on the right wing of the hall. Here, we met some interesting roasters showcasing their products. Of course, we used the opportunity to try some delicious coffee, as well as have some very interesting conversations.

Swiss Coffee Festival

Coming out of the roasters village was the star of the show, the beautiful stage which was situated at the very end of the hall. We really liked the setup as it felt very intimate while maintaining the grandiose feel that a true championship stage deserves.

Swiss Festival of Coffee

To summarize, our impressions of this year’s edition were extremely positive. For the next year, we’re planning on attending there with our own ColdHotDrinks booth and sharing our roasteries with the visitors. However, being a visitor for the first time ourselves helped us get a huge feel of the entire experience and vibe of this unique festival.


What is the Swiss Coffee Festival?

The Swiss Coffee Festival is a coffee culture festival that takes place in Switzerland to help celebrate the origin of coffee. The festival is both a conference and an exhibition. The event brings together experts from all over the world in order to discuss everything there is to know about coffee, its history and origins, how it’s grown and harvested, and how it’s processed into beans or ground into powder… you name it!

Swiss Coffee Festival 2022 poster

The conference portion of this event includes talks from experts in various fields related to coffee production. For example, if you’re interested in learning about why certain plants grow best under certain conditions (or not at all), then there will be talks for you on climate change adaptation strategies for farmers who grow coffee beans.


There will also be presentations on finding innovative ways for countries like Yemen or Ethiopia—where most of our coffee comes from—to improve their economies through agriculture instead of relying on foreign aid alone.

Coffee beans

It’s the largest event of its kind in the world, and it draws visitors from across the globe to learn about all things coffee. The program includes workshops, lectures, demonstrations, product presentations and even a competition for baristas that want to show off their skills.

Swiss Coffee Festival baristas

If you’re a coffee connoisseur or just interested in learning more about this beverage, this is an experience not to be missed.

How much are tickets to the Swiss Coffee Festival?

This year’s daily pass price was extremely generous for all coffee lovers, going by 10 CHF (Swiss francs).

Swiss Coffee Festival 2022

The festival is open to everyone with an interest in coffee

It’s a common misconception that you must be an expert to enjoy a coffee festival. No matter who you are or your background, we welcome you to experience this unique event and share your passion for good coffee with other fellow coffee lovers!

Coffee lovers having a great time at Swiss Coffee Festival 2022

In addition to providing information about different aspects of coffee production and consumption, in general, the Swiss Coffee Festival offers other activities such as live music performances, market stalls selling specialty items related to coffee culture, workshops where visitors can learn more about how they can use their immersion brew machine at home or work, demonstrations by baristas from all across Switzerland who will compete for the title of best latte artist, and much more.

Swiss Coffee Festival environment

There are many things that you can do at the festival, including tasting coffee from around the world and taking part in the barista championships. You will also have a chance to participate in cuppings, visit the exhibition hall, attend workshops and enjoy some of Switzerland’s finest food and drinks at many coffee shop areas and booths in the festival. You can learn about the history of coffee, how it’s grown, processed, consumed – all of that jazz. You can meet other people with the same interests, and discover new things about your favourite beverage.

CHD attendance to Swiss Coffee Festival 2022

You can also watch how people in other parts of Switzerland brew their coffee since each region has its own customs and traditions when it comes to brewing. It’s a great chance to learn more about Swiss culture.

Zurich, Switzerland - aerial view

The best coffees and coffee products are awarded on the last day of the festival.

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