Welcome to the ColdHotDrinks Coffee Blog!

We are a group of passionate coffee drinkers writing stories, guides, and interesting trivia about the world of coffee. Through our blog we want to let you know about interesting developments in the world of coffee. We have a lot of interesting articles lined up so stay tuned!

A blog for the newbies

For all the coffee beginners out there that want to learn, we got you. Maybe you want to see for yourself if those tasting notes on the packages of specialty coffee are real or not. Perhaps you’re tired of the bitter taste of most store bought coffee. Maybe you just think a Chemex looks cool but don’t know if it’s worth it. Hint: it is!

The world of coffee is a fascinating and complex one but everyone can learn! We would love for this blog to serve as a valuable resource to anyone interested in coffee brewing at home.

We will cover topics such as:

  • The newest coffee preparation trends and recipes
  • Coffee history and stories
  • In-depth instructional posts about different brewing methods
  • Coffee varieties
  • Best coffee shops in Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Basel, and much more!

More than coffee

We also would like to explore together with you, views on coffee ethics, and anthropology. This magical bean has been traded for hundreds of years and cultivated all over the world. We want to embark on a journey to expand our knowledge of how different cultures view coffee. How it has been grown, harvested, and used.

We want to take you along in our adventures and of course, we want your input on everything, so if you have any thoughts or topics to suggest please feel free to share with our community in the comment section below or if you prefer, don’t hesitate to contact us at coldhotdrinks.ch/en/contact/

We also have a section dedicated to coffee recipes and guides, and a newsletter where we post about the latest changes and updates about ColdHotDrinks.

So enjoy reading our coffee blog! We hope you will learn something useful or delightful and if all this coffee talk has you craving some, try out our taste quiz and get matched with the coffee of your dreams!

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