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The trickiest part of purchasing the right coffee machine that isn’t another old version of a French press or a pour-over dripper in Switzerland, is having the right knowledge and update on the latest news in the coffee industry. And of course, if you’re a strong coffee lover, you’ll probably be around to hear the latest news. The latest news influence you to persist with a temporary feeling, which is a continuation of your passion in coffee and your coffee lifestyle in general, so that’s why we chose to help you with your decision.
Zurich and Bern, Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland and want to get a present to someone who is a heavy coffee lover, you will need to look up to these fresh new coffee machines that are currently trending on the worldwide coffee market.

Drip coffee makers

BrewSense Drip Coffee Maker

Automatic drip coffeemaker

The reason why this drip coffee maker is one of the simplest is because it can brew a strong, full-flavored cup of coffee in great quantities. This coffee maker is probably one of the top ones to look up to in 2021. The symmetric design of Braun BrewSense unifies its simplicity with its technicality. Its original color is platinum metal and there’s also a darker version of it in black. This drip coffee maker’s system makes the brewing process faster and you can adjust the brew strength and the temperature of the warming plate that’s on it. Its market value varies between 130-220CHF.

The main advantages of the BrewSense machine are that your first take can brew a capacity of 12 cups, it stays on 2 hours before the auto shut-off, and its settings’ system programs the brewing time, its strength, and temperature.

Ninja Cold and Hot Brewed System Auto-IQ Tea and Coffee Maker

Automatic drip tea and coffeemaker
If you’re into cold brew coffee as much as a mug of hot java or tea, Ninja’s new brewing system offers you the perfect cup for this specific preference. In the addition of the brewing methods like coffee and tea, this coffee machine gives you the selection of six sizes and full control of the strength of your drink. The best part of this coffee machine is the milk frother from which you can make creamy cappuccinos, flat whites, macchiatos, and so much more. Ninja’s market value varies between 140-300CHF.

This coffee machine has an advantage of 10-cup capacity, it has a 1-hour shut off, and brews cold, hot specialty coffee drinks, especially cold brew in 6 size options.

Espresso machines

CEP5152B Beko Espresso Coffee Machine

The best espresso coffee machine on the market right now
This coffee machine is the simplest one of all. It’s considered to be the best espresso machine in the world right now. It’s designed to serve only two main settings: steam milk and express coffee. This Beko product is their first espresso coffee machine ever created. It has no auto-dose setting, which means that you’ll need to manually turn it off when you’ve poured the desired amount of your coffee. The milk steaming wand of this coffee machine has a limited movement. That’s why it steams the milk well. The produced milk has a lot of pleasingly thing and velvety bubbles and the produced espresso shot is with a thick, robust crema, and has the correct temperature. Its market value varies between 95-177CHF.

Some of the advantages of this Beko product are: a 2-cup capacity, water tank-capacity of 1.4 litres, a pressure of 15, and no milk jug included. As a result, this is why this espresso machine is so accessibly unique.

ECF01 Smeg Coffee Machine

The second best espresso coffee machine at the moment
The 7-color availability of this new-school Smeg machine is one of the main features of its refined and classy design, because most of the middle-aged coffee lovers tend to put this product as the first rank as the best coffee machine around. The overall objective coffee industry puts it as the runner-up espresso machine of all time because of its flaws like the short and wide steaming wand, which kind of limits your ability to steam milk easily. The espresso temperature is decent enough and it has a quite thick crema. Smeg’s market value varies between 390-744CHF.

Some of the key specifications of this machine are: a 2-cup capacity, water tank-capacity of 1 litre, a steam wand for the milk frothing, and no jug included as well.

Bean-to-cup machines

Gaggia Naviglio

The best affordable bean-to-cup machine

If you desire a high level bean-to-cup machine for a rock-bottom price, then you will need get deeper in your research for Gaggia Naviglio. For the excellence that this coffee machine produces, its half-cheap price tag makes it even more valuable. With a manual steam wand, you can froth milk in a jug and make tasty milk-based drinks, such as latte or cappuccino. Its market value varies between 1250-1650CHF.

The key specifications of this coffee machine are: a 2-cup capacity, water tank-capacity of 1.5 litre, a cup warmer, a steam wand for the milk frothing, an adjustable grind, and an adjustable strength of 3 steps.

Melitta Caffeo Barista TS Smart

Best high-end bean-to-cup machine
The smart (automatic) version of this coffee machine produces a range of espresso-based drinks that are almost as good as a manual machine can make. It’s amazingly fully featured and it can produce a variety of coffees. The new automatic version has Bluetooth with which you can control the entire brewing process down to the selected temperature. This machine also lets you download new coffee recipes and even connect your phone to it, in which you can control its maintenance tasks from the screen of your smartphone. Swiss made coffee machines tend to follow the same production method when they create these coffee machines, that’s why Switzerland is one of the most avant-garde countries to buy these type of coffee machines from. TS Smart’s market value varies between 950-1150CHF.

Some of the crucial advantages of the Melitta TS Smart machine are: a water capacity of 1.8 litre, a cup warmer, an automatic milk frothing wand, an adjustable grind, and an adjustable strength of 5 steps.

Pod and capsule machines

Nespresso Essenza Mini

The best affordable Nespresso machine that you can buy or order to Switzerland
The Essenza Nespresso machine is a classy one with no frills or fancy features, but with a high coffee quality. This machine is made by two different manufacturers which are named Krups and Magimix. In practice, the coffee options are identical for both, so it’s just a matter of which you aesthetically like the best or which is less expensive. Whichever you choose, the Essenza is pretty easy to use. You will have to insert the capsule on top, then press the button and wait for your coffee to pour. Essenza’s market value varies between 220-360CHF.

Some key specifications of this Nespresso machine are: a water capacity of 0.6 litre, no cup warmer, no milk frothing wand, a heat up time of 25 secs, Espresso & Lungo coffee sizes, a maximum cup size of 110mm, and a capacity of 6 capsule usage.

Lavazza Jolie Plus
The best affordable Lavazza coffee machine in Switzerland

Lavazza Jolie Plus has an innovative design and because of the geographic closeness with Italy, people who live in Switzerland love to use it. Capsule coffee lovers prefer this machine because it helps you arrange the milliliters to get just the right amount of coffee in your cup. Its making takes 30 secs and you can accommodate larger cups or mugs by removing its plastic insert. Lavazza’s Jolie & Milk version adds an integrated milk frother for around 40CHF more in which you’ll need to manually pour the milk into the cup. Coffee shops in Switzerland tend to use this rapid machine quite enough, as well. Its market value varies between 125-190CHF.

The key specifications of the Jolie are: a water capacity of 600ml, no cup warmer, and no milk frothing wand because of its automatic serving system.

Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to share your experience with any of these machines down the comment section below! 

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