We believe in fair trade and supporting the local businesses and communities that give us so much value in our little cups of coffee.

It’s only fair we value them.

We have marked products from roasters that pay fair prices or engage in direct trading with coffee farmers with these two icons. But what is fair trade, or fair practices? What’s the difference with direct trade? How does it help coffee producers?

Fair practices, not labels

Our coffees are not certified by Fairtrade as this requires large fees for the company that sells the product. Usually this is offset by an increased price for the consumer but is not possible for our micro-roasters. Furthermore, the coffee industry is ripe with middlemen getting a cut for facilitating the logistics of transporting the green beans to different buyers. So much so that some farmers selling at the common “C-Price” operate at a loss. However some of our partner roasters deal directly with the farmers or cooperatives that grow the coffee. This way they can pay a fair price that is sometimes an even better deal for the farmers than being certified Fairtrade. We’ll let our friends at Drip Roasters explain even better:

“The required fair trade price for an American pound of Arabica coffee is USD 1.55-1.60 + 0.30 for organic coffee. This has not changed since 2011. That corresponds to approximately USD 3.40-3.53 + 0.66 for organic coffee per kilogram. We normally pay around USD 6 to 15 per kilogram of green coffee, often even more. Depending on the coffee, part of it goes to a trading company, but most of it goes to the producer. We like to invest our money in fair trade and a sustainable development of the farming regions, however, we prefer to support the producers themselves rather than a certification.”

Now that’s a much fairer deal, and we’re proud to help bring these superior coffees to as many people as possible.

For reference

The white half-bean logo indicates coffee that has been purchased with prices above the Fairtrade international standard. The coloured bean logo indicates coffee that was purchased and acquired directly from the producer. Extra benefits? Reducing carbon footprint and increasing worker pays. All you have to do is pick and enjoy the coffee!

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