Hello coffee lovers! This is the first official ColdHotDrinks Newsletter! Through this monthly newsletter, we will inform you, our fans and clients, what’s new! Features, roasters, and products. We also want to share our plans for upcoming features and additions to the website.
Another purpose of this newsletter is to give you all an opportunity to send us feedback, so let us know your thoughts!

And without further ado, here’s what’s new on coldhotdrinks.ch:

What’s new

Discount indicator

We decided it is important for users to get the best deal possible so we implemented a dynamic price display on our product pages. This way you can see in real-time the discount you get depending on the package size you select.

German Language

Because we operate in Switzerland it is important for us to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. And so working towards that goal, we have added a German-language version of the site and it is now the default language of ColdHotDrinks! This is only the first step as we also plan to add the French and Italian languages to our site. To access the languages menu simply click on the “DE” at the very corner of the page’s menu as seen in the image below.

Coffee browsing page

And last but not least, our coffee browsing page! Now it is possible to peruse our collection of specialty coffees to your heart’s content! We added a page where you can select your desired parameters in the filter tab and the page will display the appropriate coffees. This way you can browse the coffees that match your taste on your own. We value our users’ freedom and want to make our website as easy to use as possible.What's new

Upcoming Features

In this section, we will give you some sneak peeks into what we’re working on next to improve the site. This is something we need your help with! Please leave some feedback at the end if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

User Dashboard Revamp

Speaking of user-friendliness, our user dashboard definitely needs an upgrade. In order to make it easier for our users to edit their preferences and to make the matches we show you as accurate and inclusive as possible, we decided to give you the ability to add more preferences to your taste profile. Just press the plus button and you will be able to add another coffee brewing method, for example.

Another point we needed to address was the usability of the Orders tab on mobile devices. A table does not lend itself well to a small screen so we had to rethink how we would display previous orders to our users. We have come up with this mockup, tell us what you think!

Coffee Recipe of the Month

Irish Coffee

What better way to pass wintertime than at home with a warm cup of Irish coffee! Here is a recipe we whipped up for this wintertime.

What you’ll need:
  • 100ml of freshly brewed coffee
  • 45ml of Irish whiskey
  • 22ml of coffee liqueur
  • 22ml of Irish cream liqueur
  • Topping (optional): Whipped cream
  1. In a warmed mug pour the whiskey, coffee liqueur, and cream liqueur
  2. Stir to mix them together then fill the rest of the mug with coffee
  3. Continue to stir until fully mixed
  4. Top with whipped cream (optional)



For the best results, you should brew some coffee from fresh beans using a brewing method that will allow the coffee’s natural rich flavors like a French Press. Pick one of our gourmet coffees for this as no amount of preparation will make coffee from old or inferior beans taste good! You should also preheat the mug so the coffee stays warm for longer and you can enjoy it at your leisure.

Until Next Time!

Thank you for reading our newsletter! We hope you enjoyed the insider look into matters of ColdHotDrinks and be careful with that coffee; Be patient, don’t burn your tongue!

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