Hello coffee lovers! We hope all is well and that you have found enough ways to entertain yourselves indoors.

Meanwhile, our team continues to work hard on improving the site and adding new content and functionality. We’ve got a couple of updates for you and, of course, a coffee recipe of the month, the summer hit Dalgona Coffee.

New Features

New roaster joins the fray!

We are excited to announce another roastery joining our family! This month we welcome Dreiherzen coffee! They are a specialty roaster and coffee shop in Einsiedeln. We look forward to working together and delivering amazing tastes of coffee all over Switzerland!

Upcoming Features

New client dashboard look

Our old dashboard look was nice but it didn’t have that instant kick of personality and visual attraction. What we wanted to improve on was the fact that the site can look a bit sterile and too simplistic. It needed a little bit more decoration and style, and page elements that really engage the user visually. We wanted the dashboard to be a page the user enjoys visiting.

The new version has icons from the coffee quiz displayed in the background and some new images, each representing a different function of the dashboard: Orders, Rate and Profile.

The next section that will receive an upgrade is the “Recommended for You” section as we felt it wasn’t clear what the difference was between it and “My Matches”. The difference being that the “My Matches” section recommends coffees depending on your quiz answers while the “Recommended for You” section chooses recommendations in a broader way so you get to see coffees that might be just outside of your normal taste, therefore we will change the name of this section to “Discover”, a name that is more self-explanatory.

The last and biggest change we will make is in the styling of the “Discover” product cards. As mentioned before we felt the page did not captivate the user enough, visually speaking, and not enough was done to show as much information as possible in a quick and visual way.

So we changed the background colour to a light minty colour to suit our brand look and made the cards a complementary colour.

And for the last point, we will display the coffee’s roaster and taste profile using the respective logo and images representing the big taste groups such as spicy, chocolaty, sweet, etc.

Coffee Recipe of the Month

Dalgona Coffee

This month we’ll let you in on a viral coffee trend that’s emerged lately and that’s Dalgona coffee. It’s a method of serving coffee by taking the cappuccino and flipping it on its head by foaming the coffee and leaving the milk as is.

That’s why it’ll be perfect for these times in quarantine as it gives you the feeling of a cup made in a coffee shop but you can make it at home even by hand. If you have a hand mixer this will be easy and you can even use freshly brewed coffee but if you don’t you can do it with instant coffee and a round whisk. Just keep in mind that using freshly brewed coffee will take significantly longer even with a hand mixer.

What you’ll need
  • Instant coffee
  • Milk
  • A round whisk
  • Sugar
  1. In a large bowl mix the instant coffee, the sugar and the hot water
  2. After everything is incorporated, start whisking until stiff peaks form on the mixture
  3. To achieve the stiff peaks consistency you’ll need to whisk for 2 minutes and 30-40 seconds
  4. If you use freshly brewed coffee this process will take much longer, around 10 minutes of whisking if you don’t have a hand mixer, but will result in a much richer taste
  5. Warm some milk and fill your mug halfway or more according to taste
  6. Top with the whipped coffee and enjoy your fresh Dalgona Coffee!

Until Next Time!

That concludes this month’s newsletter. Thanks for reading and take care!

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