Hello coffee lovers! Hope you are well and your love for coffee rages on! For some it may feel like the time for vacation but it is still not recommended and frankly, we’re not taking any chances. However no virus will keep us from enjoying classic summer staples like a Frappé with friends, not too many though, and preferably two meters apart.
This month we continue our explorations into the world of coffee with some interesting tidbits from the web. We also cover some updates to come to the website and introduce a new page to the website. Yay !!

The Roundup

World’s Smallest Cup of Coffee

For their brand new advertisement, Finnish coffee roaster Paulig asked director and animator Lucas Zanotto to brew a cup of coffee from a single bean.

tiny coffee

New ColdHotDrinks blog is out!

In our new blog post we delve into the differences in caffeine content between coffee and tea.

Coffee or tea

LEGO Central Perk

One of the most iconic coffee shops of the past few decades, “Friends” Central Perk coffee shop goes LEGO.

Lego central perk

Upcoming Features July 2020

ColdHotDrinks About & Team Page

After many improvement cycles we finally got around to writing our about page where we speak in a little bit more detail about our mission and values. We also get the chance to appreciate our team and display their roles in full taxonomic fashion!


New Features July 2020

Shipping schedules, Roast levels & Roaster location

We are proud to present our new feature this week! Shipping schedules and a roaster location map. Each product will have this info displayed underneath the purchase options. We will also include the roast level of that particular coffee. We hope this helps clarifies the road the coffee takes to your cup. Freshness guaranteed!

shipping & roasting

Coffee Recipe of the Month

Biscuit & Cream Frappé


This month we introduce you to a Mediterranean crowd-pleaser, the frosty Frappé! July is perfect for a relaxing afternoon Frappé with friends. And we’ll teach you how to make some, it’s too simple to miss out on! (this recipe yields 4 servings so adjust accordingly)

What you’ll need
  • A blender
  • 860 ml ice
  • 570 ml milk
  • 4 shots cold espresso
  • 35 gr Dutch process cocoa powder
  • 30 gr white sugar
  • 30 gr crumbled biscuit
  • 280 ml whipped cream
  1. Add the ice, milk, espresso, cocoa powder and sugar into the blender and let it run until the mixture is uniform and smooth.
  2. Serve into chilled tall glasses and top with the crumbled biscuits and whipped cream


Until Next Time!

That concludes this month’s newsletter. Thanks for reading and take care!

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