Hello coffee lovers! Now we can say that we’re finally at the peak of summer. The roundup will look slightly different from the previous months because, besides the latest news of the coffee industry and other happenings, we highlight an amazing coffee content creator whom we’ll reveal soon. His memes are stellar, intelligent, and hilarious.

To conclude the feeling of the newsletter, we took care of  “Coffee recipe of the month” in the core of summertime by introducing a juicy blog about the latest coffee liqueurs, and their pros and cons, their history, and their comparison with coffee liquors.

The Roundup

“All About The Rancilio Silvia Pro” by Sweet Maria’s Coffee Library.

From this particular blog, we highlight all of the most crucial points of the Rancilio Silvia Pro coffee machine that are nicely put in order by the writer, Owen Thompson himself. The overall coffee machine review starts with a cool description of the shape and the structure. Owen starts the summary by saying: “Nobody would call the Silvia gaudy or over-embellished. It’s not trying to look like retro chic or bespoke wood and gold accents. It’s not the final touch to a McMansion kitchen. The Silvia is a very functional and basic metal box that brews good espresso.”.

Rancilio Silvia Pro coffee machine

Owen gives a really interesting and accurate insight on how he sees this coffee machine to be: “The Silvia Pro maintains the look of the basic Miss Silvia but it’s a whole different beast. It’s hard to underscore the functional differences between the machine … The Pro is like a supercharged Silvia with performance of commercial components and specifications”.

The top highlights of Rancilio Silvia Pro from Owen Thompson are these:

  • Steam power for milk drinks: As a Dual Boiler machine, this hefty block of metal can steam milk all day long. Dual-boiler machines are pretty much the unanimous choice for those who steam milk over heat exchanger type machines.
  • Digital temperature control: You can control most aspects of the performance with the simple, minimalistic PID on the front. Water temperature, steam temperature, pump pressure for extraction.
  • Fast and Responsive: The machine reaches temperature fast, and has a customizable power-down setting too. While it’s best to wait 15 minutes for first warmup, it’s actually at brew temperature in under 5 minutes in my experience. (Once it has gone into auto power-down mode, I found it comes back to temp in 2.5 minutes)
  • Compact: The Silvia Pro maintains the slim width of the basic Silvia, and packs a lot of performance into a small footprint compared to other dual-boiler home machines. The Silvia Pro is quite deep though, so you want to check measurements for your counter space. Footprint: 9.8 x 16.5 x 15.3 Inches = 25 x 42 x 39 cm (w x d x h)
  • Simple: Any espresso machine has a learning curve, but the Silvia Pro keeps to the basics, yet has all the controls that matter, we believe.


In other words, this machine that bears so much resemblance to the basic Silvia is really operating at a whole different level in terms of control and performance.

For other descriptions, specifications, comparisons and pros and cons, Silvia Pro FAQ, explanative videos, detailed specifications, price, weight, temperature settings, portafilter capacity, etc; you can read the article within this link here.

“Specialty Coffee Association Announces 2021 World Coffee Championships In Milan” by Black Riffle Coffee Company.

The greatest news we could possibly hear this month are those of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and World Coffee Events (WCE) which on Monday announced that the 2021 World Coffee Championships will be held in the city of Milan, Italy.

world coffee championship in milan

The event will feature the World Barista Championship, World Brewers Cup, and World Cup Tasters Championship, and it will take place at HostMilano in Italy, Oct. 22 to 26.

world coffee championships competition

The Black Riffle Coffee proceeds on the Championships updates: “World Coffee Events is the premier producer of events for the global coffee community. A subdivision of the Specialty Coffee Association, the WCE’s mission is to develop events that engage the specialty coffee community and promote coffee excellence.

HostMilano is an international exhibition dedicated to the world of food service and hospitality. This includes more than 800 innovative and artistic events, world-class chef competitions, live performances, and the World Coffee Championships.”

making coffee in milan

Besides the World Coffee Championships in Milan, click on this link to read the full article and get informed for the other insights of the Championship that is being held in Milan, and also insights from other Championships and Coffee Competitions, new COVID restrictions which lead to some changes, and HostMilano’s organization features and history.

“A Conversation With @50percentarabica” by Barista Magazine.

First of all, Alan Jarrar is one of the nicest coffee content makers out there. Let us just say this as ColdHotDrinks before jumping in the generous appreciation blog article that Barista Magazine has written about him and his hilarious coffee content, memes specifically.

Alan’s social media memes are living proof of his knowledge of coffee. The variety of the communication and delivery values that his memes contain are absolutely astonishing. Those values unify his content and make him the only so-to-say underground coffee content maker out there in the coffee industry. We will give you a short piece and summary of the blog that Craig Batory has written about Alan Jarrar a.k.a @50percentarabica (Instagram).

“Imagine having 50,000+ social media followers and then getting your account hacked. That’s what happened to Alan Jarrar (he/him), creator and sole operator of the coffee-parody-meme account @50percentarabica.

@50percentarabica is known by the Instagram coffee community for posting original, comedic specialty-coffee memes, and is arguably one of the most recognized coffee meme pages amongst coffee professionals. Alan’s account was hacked earlier this year and it took him several months to recover it. Ironically, Facebook and Instagram did nothing to help Alan recover @50percentarabica; he instead had to hire a digital marketing agency in Brno, Czech Republic (where Alan resides), to get in touch with Instagram and recover his hacked account. Thankfully, the @50percentarabica account is back in Alan’s possession. But not without some patience and grief.

Alan has always had a comedic side to him, with a side of genius, even if he doesn’t admit it. Many of his memes are “several layers deep,” meaning you have to be “up to speed” with coffee and pop culture to understand them.

Alan started @50percentarabica in 2019. At the time, he had been a career barista in Brno for more than 10 years. He was close to becoming totally burnt out on the coffee industry when he started making jokes and memes about the industry. One thing led to another, and @50percentarabica came to life.

Alan is the sole operator of @50percentarabica. He draws inspiration from anything on the internet, particularly funny memes that go with coffee. Aside from running the meme account, Alan runs his own coffee company, Jokes Aside Coffee Roasters, a business that he happily admits consumes a good portion of his life: “I hated my 8-5, so I started working 24/7,” he proclaims. In his free time on bar or outside of work, he’s searching for new material or new ideas to make a coffee meme. We had a conversation with Alan to learn more about him, his coffee company, and his infamous Instagram account.”

Craig Batory proceeds his article with the questions & answers section having the man Alan Jarrar himself as the guest. Click this link in order to read the full article.

Coffee recipe of the month

Emerson’s Coffee Liqueur

Perfect Daily Grind has written a fantastic blog around making your own coffee liqueur at home.

“Coffee-flavoured spirits or liqueurs have been served alone or as part of cocktails for more than three centuries. A coffee liqueur is essentially a distilled alcoholic beverage that uses coffee as one of its major components.

The recent rise of microdistilling has opened the door to all-new unique and small batch liqueurs, many of which mix high-quality, complex coffees with spirits. Naturally, this change has quickly started to capture the interest of home coffee consumers as well.”

The writer of this article, Isabella, proceeds to talk about the brief history of coffee liqueurs, the difference between the notions of liquor and liqueur, and their pros and cons when they’re mixed with coffee. She also talks about artisanal coffee liqueurs, why consistency and sweetness matter when making your liqueur, and how does the coffee quality affect the finished product.

Besides the recipe of Isabella that we’ve selected to showcase below, there’s one more juicy coffee liqueur recipe within her article. You can read the full article within this link.

  • Vodka
  • Raw sugar
  • Cold-brew
  • Water
  1. Mix one part vodka, one part cold brew, and one part caramel (see below) in an airtight container.
  2. Place the container in the refrigerator and allow the liqueur to mature for at least 15 days.
  3. Once matured, keep refrigerated.


Note: To make the caramel, simmer two parts sugar with one part water until brown and caramelised. Allow to cool before adding to the other ingredients.


Until next time!

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