Hi coffee lovers, we’re back in town! This September we allow ourselves to get educated through some of the rarest coffee topics around the internet. However, don’t worry! We won’t get too political about it.

We conclude this month’s newsletter with a wavy coffee recipe from our dear collaborators, JavaHava. While the roundup will bring you some serious coffee awareness, the application of the recipe of the month will ground that awareness massively. You’ll see why later. Have fun!

The Roundup

“What Is An Adaptogen Coffee? A Guide To Healthy Living” by Grateful Earth Coffee.

Coffee knowledge is inevitable and never disappoints to bring expansion. This time, we’ve selected a very rarely-known and heard coffee topic. Adaptogen coffee.

If you are a coffee lover, but unfortunately your body reacts poorly to caffeine it is finally your time to switch to adaptogen coffee. The doctor Mary D. states that most of the people’s lifestyle has completely changed after starting to drink adaptogen coffee. Its effectiveness is undeniable and proven with every single person when applied properly.

Grateful Earth Coffee blogger lets us know: “Adaptogen coffee is a vivid booster in accordance with multiple cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders which may happen frequently due to ageing and other issues. As if is tasty and easier to intake.”.

adaptogen coffee cup and ingredients

A significant nutrient of adaptogen coffee named Chaga allows the mind to relax and give the first steps in healing depression. It is said to be beneficial twice for refreshing the mind. Another one of the main nutrients known as Lion’s Mane used in adaptogen coffee is a vital ingredient that helps in great lifestyle changes such as diabetes and controlling insulin levels. Lion’s mane is also effective in attributing cognitive health due to its anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties.

Adaptogen coffee’s distinctive property allows it to be an energizer in treating illnesses such as flu and other seasonal illnesses.

“I am so thrilled to find a healthy, caffeine-free coffee alternative that I can safely enjoy while breastfeeding. When made in a french press with a little splash of coconut creamer, you’d never know this wasn’t traditional coffee! And the health benefits of the natural herbs are a bonus. I haven’t felt nearly as fatigued or drained since I have been starting my mornings with a cup of adaptogen coffee.”, says the patient named Mary.

adaptogen coffee ingredients

Naturopaths also tend to recommend the adaptogen Chaga and L-Theanine as the two top-in-house-made ingredients combined with versatile chocolate that serves as a natural sweetener. This subsequently fulfils your craving desire without drastically increasing your insulin levels at the same time.

Adaptogen coffee is called an adaptogenic herb because it allows the human body to adapt to stress due to its special qualities and premium ingredients that we mentioned above.

Read the full article and learn more within the link above.

“Sustainable Coffee Grown In Finland – The Land That Drinks The Most Coffee Per Capita Produces Its First Tasty Cup With Cellular Agriculture” by VTT.

“VTT has successfully produced coffee cells in a bioreactor through cellular agriculture. The innovation can help to make the production of coffee more sustainable. The first batches produced by VTT in a laboratory in Finland smell and taste like conventional coffee.”.

With the increasing coffee sustainability challenges concerning traditional coffee agriculture, there is a collective need for alternative ways of producing coffee. VTT is developing coffee production through plant cells in its laboratory in Finland.

arabica coffee in finland

“In terms of smell and taste, our trained sensory panel and analytical examination found the profile of the brew to bear similarity to ordinary coffee. However, coffee making is an art and involves iterative optimization under the supervision of specialists with dedicated equipment. Our work marks the basis for such work,” says Research Team Leader, Dr Heiko Rischer from VTT.

coffee laboratory in finland

Learn more about this futuristic project for sustainable coffee within the link on the title above. Or, if you want to get even more entertained, you can watch their awesome short YouTube documentary within this link here.

“Why You Should Add Cardamom To Coffee” by Coffee Informer.

Adding cardamom to coffee is so beneficial and valuable for your health because it contains many chemicals that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Some of the discovered health benefits of cardamom from scientists are these:

  • Cardamom is packed full of antioxidants. By adding cardamom to your coffee you can be fortifying your coffee and your body with the antioxidants it needs to decrease your blood pressure.
  • Cardamom is a diuretic that can help flush out toxins in your body.
  • Cardamom in coffee can help you reduce water retention in your body. This can help you look slimmer and lose a few pounds of water weight. This also helps flush out any toxins from your body and helps you function better. This will help boost your metabolism and overall health.
  • There have been many people who blame digestive issues on drinking too much coffee, but if they added cardamom to their coffee this may help with their digestion, etc.

cardamom coffee package

One tricky part of this topic is to make the difference between the cardamom types. The wrong kind of cardamom to use is the black cardamom. As stated by the Coffee Informer, black cardamom has a different flavour than green cardamom and is more smokey and can be minty.

black cardamom package

Black cardamom is also more expensive, so you’re good either way. From the words of the Coffee Informer’s bloggers, the green cardamom has a floral smell and flavour that can add a dessert-like flavour to your coffee.

Another type of cardamom you can use is cardamom powder. These powders are usually made from green cardamom pods and you can add them to your coffee, but they may taste less flavourful and they will not have the same impact as grinding your cardamom yourself.

cardamom powder package

If you want to know how to make cardamom coffee in-depth, click the link on the title to read the original article from the Coffee Informer.

Coffee recipe of the month

Honey Gin & Tonic Espresso by JavaHava.

gin tonic coffee recipe

  • 1oz. gin
  • 1½ ounces of cold brew coffee
  • ½oz. of honey syrup
  • Tonic water
  • Cubed ice
  • 1 lemon peel twist
  1. To make the honey syrup, heat 2oz. of honey and 2oz. of water in a saucepan.
  2. Heat until the honey melts into the water.
  3. Place the ice cubes in a Collins glass, or any tall “12oz.” glass available.
  4. Combine the coffee, honey syrup, and gin in the glass and stir.
  5. Top up with tonic water and add more ice as needed.
Recommended Garnish by JavaHava: Place a twist of lemon peel over the top of the drink to garnish these coffee gin cocktails.

You can check out the original article within the link on the recipe title above.


Until next time!

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