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Colombia Surreal

Brewed as an espresso or long black, Colombia Surreal offers a lovely refreshing mouth feel with a balance between acidity and sweetness.

Brewed as an espresso or long black, Surreal offers a lovely refreshing mouth feel with an excellent balance between acidity and sweetness. And blueberry and tropical flavour notes will surprise you until the last sip. A fruit bomb in your cup – what a “surreal” experience!


Fruity, Sweet, Tart

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A fruit bomb in your cup – what a “surreal” experience! Forget about a traditional espresso with its roast, nut and chocolate flavours. With Horizonte’s Surreal, you’ll soon come to realise – if you didn’t already know – that coffee truly is a fruit.

Brewed as an espresso or long black, Surreal offers a lovely refreshing mouth feel with an excellent balance between acidity and sweetness. And blueberry and tropical flavour notes will surprise you until the last sip.

Surreal is crafted with the same Colombian beans which go into our Genial coffee but with an extended roast time to “burn” off some of the acidity – this is one of the most important steps towards creating the perfect espresso. (Remember, a good filter coffee normally has more acidity than a good espresso roast.)

Colombia Surreal coffee plantation


The producer

Carmen Rosa Vega and Israel Correa founded the Potosi farm in 1930 when they arrived in the Valle del Cauca as part of a cultural, economic and social movement that was seeking to develop land in central Colombia.

In 1945, three new varietals – Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon and Caturra – were added to Potosi’s existing Typica crop by Juan Antonio, husband of Blanca who was one of the founders’ daughters.

Apart from farming coffee, Blanca and Antonio also raised a large family of eleven children. Two of them, Rigoberto and Luis, developed a special interest in coffee production and processing and, as a result, decided to take the farm in a new direction by converting it to an organic crop growing in the late 1990s.

Besides Potosi, another four farms – including La Esperanza – were gradually acquired in order to enlarge their organic farming project.

In 2007, Rigoberto took the opportunity to lease and manage a coffee farm in Panama. A year later, he won his first prize, bagging the Best of Panama award from the Speciality Coffee Association of Panama. When he returned to Colombia, Rigoberto brought back Geisha seeds from Panama and so began a new era in the history of Granja La Esperanza.

However, some years later, fire swept through the Potosi plantations, leaving only ashes behind. Café Granja saw the setback as a chance to redesign and re-organise their entire production infrastructure and nowadays Potosi farm boasts 106 570 trees planted over 19.24 hectares at an altitude of 1600 – 2000 metres.

Potosi farm is Rainforest Alliance-certified and is 100% free of chemicals. This means cultivation, fertilisation, weed control and phytosanitary management are carried out in a way that prioritises environmental and human health.

Café Granja takes social and environmental responsibility extremely seriously and Horizonte has been suitably impressed by its programmes and installations.

Training courses for employees, the provision of food and rest areas for field workers, weekly breaks for personal development, daily family activities, and long-standing support for education and gender equality are all features of life at Café Granja.

More than 20% of the total area of the Granja farms is given over to forest and animal reserves which safeguard fauna and flora biodiversity and help to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Hunting is obviously prohibited.

Thanks to modern equipment and techniques – for instance, opting for natural fermentation followed by washing in eco-friendly wash facilities – Granja has managed to cut their water consumption for the production of washed coffee by 80%.

Emissions have also been reduced by replacing diesel engines (which are used for drying coffee during certain rainy periods) with electric and gas-powered machinery.

Basketball court near the Colombia Surreal coffee plantation

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Fruity, Sweet, Tart

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