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Ethiopia Floral

Floral and fruity with a caramel-like sweetness. Small organic beans make up Ethiopia Floral, which is medium-roasted and ideal for espresso.

Floral and fruity with a caramel-like sweetness. Small organic beans make up Ethiopia Floral, which is medium-roasted and ideal for espresso.


Fruity, Sweet, Tart

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Do you like it exotic, but still down to earth? Then you are with our “FLORAL” very well served. It will surprise you with very floral notes, apricot, sweet lemon and caramel. We roast it medium, perfect for espresso, Bialetti or for darker filter lovers. In your espresso, you won’t taste disturbing roasting notes that would overlay Ethiopia’s typical floral, fruity taste. The acidity is nicely integrated, supporting all of its aromas. For a balanced espresso experience, we recommend 19g in / 42-45g out in 30-35 seconds.

Ethiopia Floral 1KG coffee cherries


The producer

Mustefa Abakeno is a small-hold farmer with 18 hectares of land at 2050 meters altitude near Agaro in the Jimma zone of western Ethiopia. Due to the lack of water in the region and limited space to ferment the coffee beans, Mustefa has developed his own fascinating post-harvest method. He prepares half of his coffee as washed and the other as “naturally” dried. We buy from him the washed beans, which he briefly ferments in water in a non-“classic method” (8 hours) before drying the beans for 13-16 days. The result resembles a light honey coffee, which is very special – and tastes incredibly good to us.

Since 2021, an agronomist from Falcon Coffee (an English coffee exporter) has been training and supporting Mustefa and other local farmers to improve the operations at the washing station: He installs shade nets to cover the drying beds during the hottest hours of the day, arranges for the selection of cherries at the delivery point and monitors moisture levels during the drying phase.

Thanks to these pieces of training, Mustefa is able to share his knowledge with the surrounding farmers. He helps them apply good agricultural practices to improve the quality and productivity of their coffee gardens.

Mustefa only registered as an exporter in 2018 to sell his coffee directly to buyers.

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Fruity, Sweet, Tart

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Horizonte Coffee

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