Organic espresso

100% Arabica (Caturra)

with a long finish

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The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is best known for its culture and the highest mountains in the world. Surprisingly, coffee also grows here: The plantation is located 70 km from Kathmandu in the Nuwakot district, in a valley that is frost-free and has an excellent climate for growing coffee. The plantation is thus located in one of the northernmost cultivation areas in the world. The growing height of 670 – 730 meters above sea level is rather low for an Arabica. Due to the mountainous surroundings, the organically grown coffee thrives splendidly because the number of pests remains manageable. The harvest is done by hand in November, then the coffee is washed with melted water from the Himalayas and dried in the sun.

“YETI” coffee consists of 100% of the Arabica variety Caturra. We roast it in the classic and gentle drum roasting process up to the second crack. The long roasting time of 16 minutes and the dark roasting result in a coffee that is very balanced, tastes nutty, has spicy aromas and a long finish. An elegant espresso that can primarily be drunk pure. At the same time, it also works wonderfully with milk in a cappuccino.

We recommend mixing this coffee with our Single Origin “Robusta Agata”. An assemblage that complements each other very well. There are (almost) no limits to trying it out yourself to get the perfect mix!

With the sale of “YETI” coffee we support various social and ecological projects initiated by the producer, the Plantec Coffee Estate. These include building schools, training women, reforesting forests or protecting wildlife.

The organically grown coffee has several important quality features:

Shadegrown: Coffee is susceptible to the sun and needs shade in order to be able to grow properly. Coffee with the label “Shadegrown” grows in a plantation with shady trees.

Hand picking: Harvesting by hand is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it enables the farmers to harvest ripe beans in a targeted manner and is essential for the good quality of a coffee. Of course, the coffee is then sorted several times by hand and checked for quality.

Washed (wet preparation): With this high-quality and complex preparation method, the washed coffee is first separated from the pulp using a special machine, the so-called “pulper”. The slime layer is then removed by fermentation in the water tank. The coffee bean is then dried in the sun. This preparation method creates clean and elegant coffees in the aroma. The fine acids contribute to a balanced coffee taste. The taste profiles of the different terroirs are better expressed through the wet preparation.

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Ground, Whole

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AeroPress, Chemex, Coffee Maker Classic, Cold Brew, Espresso Machine, Filter, French Press, Moka Pot, Percolator, Pour Over

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250 g.

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Advanced, Expert, Intermediate

Recommended Preparation Add-Ons - Basic

Flavored Creamer or Syrups, Flavored Liquors, Milk or Cream, Non-Dairy Milk, None (raw), Sugar or Sweetener

Recommended For Brew

Coffee Maker Classic, Espresso Machine, French Press

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